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2014 Artemis Gone Riding

Cycling to End Domestic Violence

Presented by

Do you like spending time with your friends, family and fellow supporters of Artemis Center? Do you like being pampered? Can you pedal a bike? This is the event for you! 

Join us on September 13th for a fun filled day full of pampering and biking! 
This year, you can select from 4 routes! 
You can always turn around or call for help if you can't finish your selected distance, don't sweat it! 
Each route features stops where you'll be able to indulge in great food, relax with your friends, and be pampered by doting volunteers. 
Specific stop attraction details will be announced soon! 

This year there are a few changes. We have opened the ride up to allow men to ride as part of women's pedal crews. We want to recognize that there are many men who support and advocate for the Artemis Center mission, as well as some who need our services. We are encouraging riders to collect donations in support of their ride to raise much needed funds for Artemis Center. Necessary materials will be mailed to participants. Fundraising is not required, just encouraged. 

Prizes will be awarded to largest team, top fundraising individual, top fundraising team, best costume team, and best costume individual!!! 

Click below for registration!!

   Artemis Gone Riding