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Holiday Program

Each year in the early fall, we reach out to our families at Artemis Center to determine their needs and wishes for the winter months. For these families, who have been displaced from their homes due to domestic violence, or have had to relocate and are still struggling, the cold weather combined with the upcoming holiday season is a devastating time. As the temperature drops and utility prices soar, there are real financial constraints that impede our clients’ ability to provide warm clothing and essentials for their children, let alone gifts and toys that other children enjoy. The “atmosphere of the season” imposes a poignant reminder that they are homeless or, at best, displaced from their families and friends during this time of thanksgiving and family traditions.

Through our annual Holiday Drive, Artemis Center provides holiday gifts to survivors and their children in families that are on the journey towards hope and healing. Our Holiday Drive:

  • brings the magic of the holidays to parents and children—over 200 women and children last year—who are recovering from domestic violence
  • is an opportunity for families to request what they need; often wish lists include essential items like coats, boots, food, and underwear
  • engages members of the local community, including nearby schools and clubs, in choosing and purchasing gifts for individual survivors and their children
  • mobilizes an army of volunteer “elves” and “reindeer” who receive, sort, and package the presents each year

For more information about making a donation or volunteering for the Holiday Drive, please contact Heather M. at 937-531-5713 or by email at heatherm@artemiscenter.org

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